It’s all about B A L A N C E, baby!

They said:

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create - Jana Kingsford

... and they are right!

A few years ago, I was crazy in love & I was thinking that so much vibration, energy & unpredictable situations are good, I was thinking this is THE life, but I was so wrong. I have always been a peaceful soul, who enjoys the little things, I was living a single life, as a graphic designer and everything was fine, until an opposite energy came into my life and attracted me like a magnet 🧲 ... and I was opened to lose control, to let this energy take me away.

So, I did, until it became toxic and I had to figure it out how to reclaim my balance, my health and more important, how to become a better Irina. Life is not about who you once were, it’s about who you are now and who you have the potential to be.

What to do to be happy even when you are anxious, depressed, stressed?

  1. Brake all the toxic patterns, take time for youself to understand ur fears, triggers & how to stop overthinking. Even today, when I feel a toxic pattern, I stop it before it ever happens, developers & ruin my mood. Things not just happen, they happen because you let them in. Close the door of negativity, open the window of positivity 🌞.
  2. Choose your partners carefully, but first, understand your own needs and what can you offer and what you cannot. Energy is everything, it never lies. 
  3. Look close at your relationship with your family, many times unsolved problems, come back to hunt our memories, to feed our fears.
  4. Cultivate a positive mindset. Dream about your perfect life, build habits to support your beautiful living, learn new things, make time and room for new beginnings. You are never too old to dream a new dream and never to young to create amazing things. Take it easy, step by step, start small, but start, live your life as you want.
  5. Don’t panic, we are humans and we do mistakes, we have fears, doubts. Trust the timing of your life, learn from every single experience, do what you can. Please believe, there is always light no matter how hard things get & always remember that it is OK to ask for help.

Here are just a few ideas. B A L A N C E is create by you & some actions can be research, reading, exploring, exercising, putting to practice all the things that matter to you.

¥ Stay close to me for more 🤍,



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